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Is it true that my Succubus girlfriend is one Hell of a Woman?

I Think She is Hot Stuff !!!


  1. Do I see a running theme? Can you give us an ETA for when this one is going to end?
    LOL Good to see you David!

  2. I feel this question will be deleted…
    I’m in love with the cleverness, though.
    SHWTSHS. Does that mean something? I counted all the incorrect capital letters.

  3. Why Did You Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In That Sentence? Is That The Name Of A Place Or The Title Of A Book?

  4. Absolutely!
    But she isn’t really from hell at all. Your succubus girlfriend comes from a realm known as the Lower Forth Dimension/The Forth Density. She at one time had lived in the physical realm, but on another planet. She used to be a physical creature just like you until her planet was destroyed by a comet, and all of her people were killed. But, even though she and her people had physically died, the spirit of these creatures continued to live on, and then they teleported themselves to this planet, which is several hundred light away from theirs. These creatures were once a peaceful people and lived on a very lush and beautiful planet. Perhaps if we breed with them, and repopulate the earth with a hybrid race of succubus/humans, then maybe we could have a better,more advanced, and more peaceful world. Not to mention that succubus/incubus -human hybrids are very beautiful and intelligent people.
    Why don’t you just marry this succubus and tie the knot with her….ya know?


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