Home Discussion Forum Is it true that marijuana can bring you into the 4th dimension?

Is it true that marijuana can bring you into the 4th dimension?

My friend was constantly telling me that a hit of weed can take me into the 4th dimension and that I can have a spiritual awakening with weed. I know there are psychotropic substances out there that can do this (i.e. getting away from this reality in a literal sense, etc.) but I’m pretty sure marijuana does not have this effect. So is it bullshit or is it true? Could you even come close to a spiritual awakening with marijuana?
When I mean 4th dimension I mean a reality outside of this one.
I wouldn’t actually take a hit of dope, I considered it but I’m no longer considering it. I ask the question because I just want to know the truth. And my “friend” IS an idiot.


  1. I’m not sure if I would call it a spiritual awakening. Smoking marijuana definitely alters the way you think, and I would say it broadens your mind. It’s really hard to explain. It just makes you think in a completely different way, and it enables you to focus on things you’ve never even noticed before. Sometimes it can be euphoric. Come to think of it, you probably can have a spiritual awakening on marijuana, but whether or not you would remember the next day is a different story! Marijuana messes with your short term memory.
    Just to add: People that have never smoked have no reason to answer this question. You really have no idea until you try it, and if you’re against it that is fine, but you really can’t give any input to answer this question.

  2. i think it depends on where you are in life. i dont think from one puff you can have this “spiritual awakening” maybe if you have been puffing for a while and its STRONG then you will deal with things in your mind that you wouldnt normally deal with having not been stoned. maybe he was on acid? lol

  3. You’re already traveling through the 4th dimension. It’s called time.
    As for spiritual awakening, cannabis is often a hallucinogen, and more than that a strong mind altering chemical. Generally you tend to think differently when under the influence of mind-altering drugs. And by differently I mean to say you’ll be thinking that the couch is a pink fluffy elephant made of marshmallows.

  4. A spiritual awakening? Unlikely, but it will calm you. As for the 4th dimension, 1/2/3 are height, width and depth, and I believe the 4th dimension is time. Therefore what your friend says is literally wrong. Marijuana has calming effects, but has links to psychological problems. Also as you inhale more than you would a cigarette, it is worse for your lungs and has a higer risk of cancer. Your body your choice. Honestly though, your mate sounds pretty dumb.

  5. It sounds like your mate is well on the way to being brain dead, so if you want to listen to someone that is talking through the back side keep on listening and smoking, pretty soon you will both be in a different dimension.
    Mind altering, mood altering, personality altering, all done with chemicals, would you let a doctor keep prescribing drugs that did that to you ???

  6. Smoking an adequate amount of marijuana will bring a person into what’s called an altered state of consciousness.
    There is only one reality.


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