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Is it true that having a tarot card reading done opens you up to negative energy?

and that it can cause bad things to happen to you?


  1. LOL
    No…. and neither can it open you up to your positive energy … nor can it give you the weather report for next week … nor can it tell you anything at all …
    That kind of thing is just ..BS.. and ..BUNK.. made for fools. Certainly you aren’t a fool, (…are you?)

  2. no that is not true. but if you go for a reading and the future is looking bad she will tell you. i have had good readings i go every year on my birthday.

  3. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do believe that its wrong to go to physics and fortune tellers, but thats just a religious belief of mine, so do what you think is right for you.

  4. this sort of stuff can reveal stuff to us but in the end it cannot keep us from trouble.
    People can give us a hard time for example our mums may not have been the sunshine in our life when we were growing up- causing us not to grow!

  5. It tells things that may happen and it is not always bad. The only negative effect I know is if you become obsessed by what is said there (good or bad). It may lead you to too much anxiety and affect any decision you will make for yourself.

  6. With an irresponsible reader, yes. Also, one shouldn’t look to a reader for life direction. That gives them power over you and you should never do that.

  7. Yes. Its true. I read and had read many times tarot cards. The problem is once you go you are affected by what is said. If anything negative is said you will hang onto this. Best to leave them alone. Lead your own life, trust yourself.

  8. No, it isn’t true. This is rather silly! For me, tarot is not divination, but a doorway into my subconsious. It helps us to better understand things and make choices.
    What opens up negative energy? You focusing on it, concentrating on it. Being around other people who are very negative can have an affect on you, but you can shield yourself. The belief that tarot can cause bad things to happen is completely absurd. You are in control of your moments. Live inside them, and do it in love. Believe that good things will come to you. Do all that you can to help others. Your spirit will guide you in your choices.

  9. Tarot cards does NOT cause bad things to happen to you. It does NOT open you up to negative energy. Whoever told you that is merely ignorant of what Tarot cards really are.
    Tarot card is a guide to your future. It shows your future and tells you to be cautious. Through Tarot, it helps you change the bad things that you dont want to happen. Future can be changed by only you. Tarot is the GUIDE so that you can live your life harmoniously

  10. No. But it can open you up to vague information that doesn’t actually fit your situation and to you being fooled out of your money by a fake.
    Too many fakes, not enough real thing out there.

  11. In general I do not believe this is true of card readings or psychic readings but I would run from from a ouja board. All psychic gifts are from God and are ordained of God and it is there in the Bible. Check out 1Corinthians 12:28,13:2 and 14:1-5 and verses 37-38, also Acts 2:17-18. The only negativity from a reading comes from the heart and intent of the card reader and/or psychic, and the motive of the client. There is a difference between a psychic and a card reader. And yes there are frauds out there. It is sad that it is a buyer beware market. Just remember that price is no indication of ability, the more you pay does not mean that the psychic is better than the cheaper one, some of us are just more devoted to helping others and have made it to a place where we are past the money. The other thing to remember is that the only curses we encounter are the ones that come from our own mouths. So don’t fall for the curses routine. Run from any “psychic” who tells you that only they can remove a curse from around you.

  12. No….but it may open your eyes to the negativity within you and advise you what you can do about it. A good Tarot reading should empower you to help yourself and guide you in the right direction.

  13. No it does not open you up to negative energies.
    That is a silly myth to keep people from seeking deeper knowledge through such tools.


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