My mom is a little…well a little hippyish, and i’ve had some sleeping problems lately so she gave me a chunk of amethyst to put under my pillow and told me it would help me sleep. Is this legit? do crystals really have healing properties?


  • They really do work. Amethyst is te best and easiet to get your hands on, pretty much found at most local holistic stores and shops. You want to use a natural amethyst, not a polished tumbled stone. Don’t use a cluster either, as these area not as effective. You can place this in a crystal bag and tuck this under your pillow or even inside your pillow case. If you can, put a small bit of lavendar in the crystal bag with the amethyst as well. It works wonders in combinations!!

  • Why not put it under your pillow and see?
    The worst thing for sleeping problems is trying to go to sleep. Do something mindless and relaxing for at least an hour before bedtime. When you are in bed think about each little bit of your body in turn and see if you’re holding it tense. It may surprise you! Let each bit relax as you come to it. Try to think about nothing but how your body feels and letting it go, and don’t keep checking whether you’re going to sleep!

  • The theory- as I understand it- is that the chemical makeup of some substances draw the biofield in a certain way.

    All humans do have electricity in their bodies. That is what makes your heart pump, your muscles move, your nerve synapses transfer energy, etc. You do have certain electrical currents running through your body. You can call these current pathways chakra, qi, biofield, whatever you want, but they are there. The idea of crystals has to do with something similar to magnetism where energy is drawn from one pathway to another. It is the same idea behind using magnet therapy to ease pain of arthritis.

    Do they really work? I don’t know. Some people claim to feel better using them. And that is really all that counts to them. It won’t hurt you. And now you know the theory behind it. Just like gold conducts electricity, some crystal substances have chemical structures that draw electrons.

    A shuzi is an EMF protection device that would help your own body create more melatonin, and helps you to sleep, as would most EMF protection devices. Melatonin tablets would help you to sleep. Valerian drops will help you to sleep. There are lots of ways to help you to sleep. I would start with the least intrusive first.

  • No, they don’t. There is no scientific evidence that they do anything at all other than make the house look pretty.

    If you’re having sleeping problems try passiflora, valerian and hops. If you feel tired the next day, cut out the valerian. You can buy all of these from the health food store.

    Take a combined magnesium/calcium supplement at bedtime.

    Take a hot, milky drink – preferably with Horlicks/malted drink.

    Sprinkle some lavender essential oil onto your pillow.

    Take a warm bath before going to bed.

    All of the above are tried and tested methods of getting to sleep.

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