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Is it true that Aleister Crowley was a mason?

I just did some research on masonry, and saw a list of know witches and satanists who were or are masons. Did you say they had to believe in God, or a god? Also, doesn’t masonry come under tax exempt status, which is reserved for religions? These are disturbing revelations to me, and I am concerned for everyone involved in masonry. Deception is a strong thing, and I don’t know what degree mason any of you are, but I was told only the higher degrees really know the deep secrets of masonry, and lower degrees don’t. My dad said my granddad was a mason, and got mad when I shared with him what I am sharing with you. My dad knew little to nothing about the bible, I am called of God to teach His word, and the teachings of masonry go against the teachings of the bible. Many of you may disagree, but have you really compared the two? If this were not a serious thing, I wouldn’t care. I will be praying for you guys ( and Gals ). I’m not trying to make you believe anything, just to consider what you already believe.


  1. Religion is for the weak minded. This is just my opinion. Something about the first people getting talked into eating an apple off a magical tree by a talking snake kinda makes me a non believer. And how is it that out of the thousands and thousands of religions out there, yours is the correct one? Think about it dude, and I’m not trying to offend anyone I’m just a stoner with my own thoughts on life.

  2. ernie, It seems that no matter what is said here you will continue to malign masonry. Tax free status is NOT just for religious organizations it is also for charitable organizations. It is true that some satanists have become n=masons, it was by lying to get in and as soon as they were discovered they were thrown out, or doesn’t your extensive research tell you that much? As far as your dad and grand dad getting angry with you, I don’t blame them. I am as well. Your research is flawed. Many masons don’t know the Bible,, but there are many so called Christians that don’t know it either. Masonry IS NOT a religion, the same way that a court is not religious. The Bible, is the book that masonry is centered upon, and ALL masons take their oaths to God, you know the Almighty, not to reveal the things that go on within the lodge. Masons consider it a thing of honor to live up to the obligation. As far as the higher degrees, you are talking like an uneducated conspiracy theorist. The HIGHEST level in masonry is the 33rd°, and is an honorary degree. There are 32 that are earned, and NON of them refer to SATAN. I can say that because I am a 32nd° mason, and that is as high as it goes. God did not call on you to teach his word, he has theologians and EDUCATED Bible scholars that can do that, they are called ORDAINED clergy people. The teachings of Masonry, which you obviously know nothing about fall right in line with the teachings of God and the Bible as they teach love of GOd, country, family. There is NOTHING in masonry that contradicts that, except the CRAP that you have read. I know MANY masons who are Christians, several are Clergy, and NONE of them agree with you. Instead of acting non-Christian, and spewing hatred, try being Christian, and try talking understanding and love for your fellow man.

  3. Crowley was not a Mason. He occasionally claimed to be, but could never prove to another Mason he was. No record has been found to back up his claim. It is possible he was part of an illegitimate lodge that called itself Masonry, but was not.
    Tax exempt is not just a status given to Churches, and there are many Masonic Lodges and Masonic organizations that are not tax exempt. My lodge Paid more than 4000.00 in property taxes last year.

  4. Nope, Aleister Crowley wasn’t a Freemason.
    Given your research, it’s HIGHLY doubtful that anything you’ve seen has any provenance whatsoever. Therefore, your claim to have seen a “list of know witches and satanists who were or are masons” rings false.
    Freemasonry doesn’t automatically get any type of tax exempt status. Some Lodges aren’t 503c non-profit entities. Many charities – not just churches – are 503c’s.
    The highest degree conferred in Freemasonry is the 3rd Degree – Master Mason.
    Appendant bodies can confer additional degrees, such as the Scottish and York Rites. However, none of these degrees is higher than the 3rd Degree.
    If you’d actually done any research, you’d know that Freemasonry in no way goes against the teachings of the Church. Even the Church has recognized this through Canon Law. If you believe that you’re more capable of interpreting the Bible than the Church is, then you’re WAAAAAY guilty of sin and will burn quite brightly in the Hell you’ve just cast yourself into through your enormous ego and itty bitty brain.
    I cannot speak for anyone else reading this, but I’d just as soon you NOT pray for me; I don’t need your sickness directed my way.


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