Is it true that Albert Einstein was a minuscule figure in science, but blown out of proportion?

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compared to more deserving scientists?
Is it true?

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david g

No, his work was worthy of multiple noble prizes. Further, the true significane of a scientist is the subsequent fertility of his teories. General and special relativity have both been extrodinarily productive theories leading to many developments.


No. Albert Einstein was a giant. Among his achievements were: showing that molecules exist, showing that light comes in discrete packets called photons, showing special relativity, discovering general relativity. He was great!
In terms of influence on thinking, he ranks with Darwin and Newton.


No, Einstein’s contributions to physics were huge, and he was rightly recognized as the preeminent physicist of the early 20th century. You could argue that he got more than his share of attention from the popular press, but that was largely because he was more personable and accessible than many other scientists.


No. He deserves the place he’s got in the Physics community.


No. Where did you get this dumb idea? I guess you won’t replace him as a scientist.


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