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Is it true that according to voodoo/black magic a woman can keep/control a man by working a root ?

Is it true that a woman who knows voodoo/black magic can wear a piece of meat during her period, then cook it and feed it to her man- can then keep/control that man? Does the same apply to a woman who collects a person’s hair? Can the same actually happen vice versa (if a man collects a woman’s hair, will she fall in love with him, etc)?


  1. I have never heard of this. However, I can tell you definitely that it is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA to try to control other people. Don’t do it!

  2. Some people believe those things are true. Personally I’d have to see it with my own eyes to believe it. Very far fetched.

  3. It is true that some people believe this, and a few may even try it. In the unlikely event that it works, there are pretty serious consequences…in Voudoun and similar religions, the loas will be PISSED at someone who tries this, in Wiccan and other NeoPagan religions, there is a law of Threefold Returns.
    I would not do it.
    As far as if it can work, it is unlikely (those same religions have a lot of doctrine on why magic might fail to work, or look like it isn’t working). If it does work, I suspect there are serious consequences when it is over.
    Manipulative love magic ALWAYS turns out poorly…the victim of the manipulative spell eventually becomes free, and a lot of pent up emotions arise real fast.

  4. This is dangerous stuff you are talking about. Yes it is totally true. My husband has been controlled by an Indonesian woman in this way for 10 years. He is fighting it but cannot break away even though he wants to. We live in the UK, him with her and me with the kids, but he pays for her to go back every 3 months or so to Indonesia. Over 10 years I have been on antidepressants for 9 of those years, my 21 yr old is also on them. It is ripping the family apart. It has come to a head because she wants him to move to Australia in 10 days and he is doing everything to achieve that even though he has no money to do it and no job to go to. He knows it is impossible but can do nothing to stop it. I am beside myself

    • go to a spiritual healer. tell him/her to detach that women from your man. they should then cast a spell to protect your relationship. i know how you feel. the world can think we are crazy. but its only crazy until it happens to you. good luck Lucy.!!

  5. i too am going through the same thing as lucy. mine is for 2 years, and i have seeked help. fight fire with fire. then ask for a protection spell as well. these women are crazy. how do you live with someone who does not love you simply because you are controling them? i never believed in this, until i had to deliver my daughter for some spiritual help since the doctors were not helping. this is when i was told of what has been happening. she also sent some spells my way to kill me, induce bad luck, and make him hate me. people like this deserve to be burnt alive for using magic in the wrong way.


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