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Is it true that a dream is something you have thought about in the last 24 hours?

I’ve heard that most–or all– dreams are things that have entered your mind in the last 24 hours, even if it is something that may have crossed your mind for a split second. Looking back on my dreams, I find this to be generally true. Is this true for you too? What is it that captures the subconscious mind to hang on to a passing thought, that will be dreamed about in the next day or so? I find this amazing. Can anyone help explain this?


  1. i don’t think that is true with me because when i was younger around 13 or 14 i started having a reoccurring dream that i was running from something and i had it once a month or every other month then when i was 19 and had my first kid i had it for the last time i was running and i found my daughter and picked her up and never had the dream again i guess i was running to her not from something. so i don’t think it is something i think about during the day.

  2. Most of my dreams consist of things I’ve heard, seen, thought about, or talked about within the past 24 hours. =) Dreams do come from your subconcious and your memory, so it definitely makes sense. It’s not just limited to the past 24 hours though.
    I’ve found that sometimes memories from years and years ago show up in my dreams even after I’ve forgotten them. I’ve remembered a lot of my past due to dreams. This could be happening to me because I have ADD though, since my psychologist described the memory of somebody with ADD to be like a pile of videotapes, with some easy to find, but others are harder to find… but they’re still there.

  3. NO, not always
    dreaming is your sub conscious mind working out your conscious minds problems
    doesn’t have 2 b something that has passed your mind in the last 24 hours, but chances r that, that thought u had, regardless of how brief it was, was probably bothersome 2 u to some degree and that’s y you have dreams about it.

  4. dreams are a way of showing you wat you know or have hidden in the unconcious part of your mind. whatever it was could have triggered something from the unconcious and is tellingyou maybe to look more into it. it doesnthave to be the last 24 hours. whatever’s in your unconscious if its inaccessable you access it through your dreams. basically your dreams just tell you whats going on or what to pay attention to.


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