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Is it true that a black hole is capable of giving the chance of time travel?

How exactly does that work? Do you actually travel to time and have the ability to go to the past or future?


  1. Hi.
    First of all you have to consider that we still don’t know for sure if black holes actually exist because we never observed one directly. We know they can theoretically exists and we know what would happen to the space surrounding one. By obsevation we see certain areas of space in which such phenomena occur, therefore we came to the conclusion that in those locations there might be a black hole.
    We know that time slows down around a black hole, Einstein’s general relativity theory demonstrates it, but it keeps its forward direction. So no time travel here.
    Recently, it was theorized that a black hole could be the entry point of a “wormhole”, a tunnel through space-time which would lead a traveller in the past or in the future. Wormoles, like black holes, are theoretically possible (Einstein’s equations again), however we have two big problems:
    1) entering a black hole would instantly destroy the traveller and his vehicle, no matter what;
    2) the exit of a wormhole should be the opposite of a black hole, a so-called white hole (from where everything comes out, nothing can go in); white holes are theoretically possible as well, but so far nobody ever managed to see one (it should be fairly easier than spotting a black hole); maybe they open in a distant future, so they do not yet exist in our time. Again, it seems time only moves forward, even in wormholes.
    In conclusion, I believe it’s not a matter of “true” or “false”, we just don’t know enough about it.

  2. Assumng that black holes exist and that they behave as currently hypothesised, and you can overcome the minor inconvenience of spending hundreds of thousands of years in suspended animation in order to reach one, and overcome the silly triviality of being able to survive descent into one, then you will be propelled into the very far future as you enjoy the sensation of being crushed senseless as you blend into the event horizon.
    Literal travel to the past is impossible. But you could always throw together some old gear from the op-shop and dress up and pretend. You don’t need a black hole for that.

  3. travel into the past is impossible… a “compression” of time so that days pass for you and years pass for the universe around you… is therotetically possible… think of it as a sort of suspended animation.

  4. No, it is in science a very vague hypothesis, that is based on many assumptions, that are highly speculative. It CAN work. If all more solid hypotheses fail.
    The biggest problem is the discovery, that Black Holes could be their own “white holes” – there are no outlets of black holes that emit at least some of the matter at a different place at another time. The information lost inside the black hole is slowly emitted as radiation right at the event horizon of the black hole.
    If we can’t observe particles to do time travel, and black holes absorb enormous amounts of matter during their feeding phases, there is a lower chance that it might work with just more special conditions. Eventually, you might need a new universe for that.
    The often repeated claim here that we have not yet observed black holes and are not sure about their existence is completely wrong. It is true that black holes are a bit hard to be observed. But we have seen in the past two decades MANY objects, that are, including measurement errors, so black-hole-like, that they behave exactly like black holes should in the theories that predict them. Since about ten years, you are no longer looked at strange if you publish a astronomical research paper about black hole observations.
    It looks like an elephant, smells like an elephant, sounds like an elephant, maybe even tastes like an elephant – it could be a whale, right?

  5. Theoritically yes, Professor Layton has devised an experiment to show. It is based on the concept of Frame Dragging which could occur around a black hole.

  6. Time travel is possible but not how you would probably imagine it to be. It’s a difficult concept to explain if you don’t know much about general relativity and astrophysics, as it goes against all common sense. i’ll try to keep it as simple as i can but bear with me, this will stretch your imagination
    Firstly imagine space and time as thin sheet of clothe (Space-time). Now place a heavy ball in the center of the clothe, this represents a Massive object like a black hole in this example. What happens to the space-time? (clothe); it becomes curved like a funnel, with the massive object in the center of the curvature causing it to bend. Now time will also bend with this curvature, being more extreme the closer you get.
    Now imagine two clocks, one far away from the black hole that is stationary (Clock A) and another close to the black hole and traveling towards it (Clock B) which are both initially synchronized. From Clock A’s perspective, If 4 hours have past, then only two hours might have past on Clock B – Clock B seems to be 2 hours slower. From Clock B’s perspective, Clock A is 2 hours faster. So which is the right time? – Both are….
    From Clock A’s perspective, as Clock B gets nearer and nearer the black hole, it moves slower and slower until it appears to ‘freeze’ on the edge of the black hole. Time dilation becomes infinite and time stops (Again from Clock A’s perspective). Because of this, it’s impossible to actually see things fall into a black hole they appear to ‘freeze’ on the edge.
    Now hopefully u grasp the concept of gravitational time dilation, imagine this; replace the clocks with you (Person A) and your best friend (Person B) and your exactly the same age. Say your both a few light-years away from the black hole and your friend travels towards it, time for your friend gets slower and slower as he approaches until the point it where it stops. If he were able to turn around come back, when he got back to you he would be significantly more younger than you, even though he was the same age to begin with. This is not an optical effect in case you wondered, you would of aged a great deal whilst he would of aged relatively little.
    So time travel is possible yes, but it’s probably not the satisfying answer you might of hoped for. Furthermore if you could ever to do something like this, would you want to? – you could never go back. Your friends and family could have aged dramatically or even have died before you arrive back home, or your kids could be older than you are – Scary stuff


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