Is it true our soul astral travel while we are sleeping?

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I heard from some sources that everyone’s souls astral travel while you’re sleeping and not aware of anything when you wake up? This is creepy!

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Love and Hate

In a sense, yes. When we dream we do send out an astral projection of ourself.

Michael Hunt

No. There is no soul, astral traveling is BS, dreams are just mental static. There, feel better?


Somewhat. I guess that’s how some people decided to explain dreaming, but really it’s movies in your head! XD that’s how I think of it


I think so, cause to me dreams feel and seem like more than just mental images….and your brain(mind) along with everything else is shut down, it’s in sleep mode…your body is sleeping, but what about your spirit? Perhaps it doesn’t need to sleep? And perhaps is resides on another realm where anything can happen while our bodies rest. Or something to that effect.


This is a very known thought. Many people believe that your soul leaves your body and travels while you sleep. This isn’t dreams, like many here say, but you see what’s going on in the areas you’re familiar with when you’re not there.
Sounds kind of boring to me lol


Yes, Its true, Soul Can travel in the conditions of sleeping or dreaming, Soul can travel anywhere in world and in past years before in 1 seconds of world. soul having limited times for explore diffrent places in diffrent time.
Dreams not containt soul its only signals or you can say this is guide life for feature.


i believe your soul leaves while sleepin how else can yo explain it when everything else is shut down its kinda like i think when you die . common sence people 😀


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