Is it true during Obama's speech to schools that he had a subliminal message that only children could hear?

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I heard he said something like….I am your master, you will obey repeated 1000 times during his speech…

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Hally M

Does you saying that is true, make it true?


Only Fox does that.

Tracy L

You mean like dog whistles?


You may want to see your doctor about adjusting your meds.

Jack Fessender

Yes, it is true. FACT.

Massive Mann

Yea, I’m Fed up to.
Oh, question answer, because I get suspended now a days……NO
Thanks for the giggle.


just say no to drugs


No, that’s just what the liberals heard.


Yes, but that wasn’t the message. It was stay in school and ignore the people who should be on a daily doses of psychotropic medicines.


dogs could hear it too


No. Under pressure from people who actually pay attention, he did not try to indoctrinate our kids into serving him and putting it in writing.

Libertarian is crushing on Joe W

No. I think the public outcry well before his speech ensured that the speech was innocuous enough. I suspect that he had a different agenda before people spoke up.

Weak minds block and run from me

my childrens private school did not play it………we the parents ( paying customers ) threatened to pull our kids out if they did. Public schools are nothing more than a social engineering experiment.

Conservative Kool Aid Drinker

Absolutely FALSE!


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