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Is it true cats are attracted by negative energy?


  1. I’ve never heard of this, exactly.
    If you want to call a closed door negative, then it’s certainly true.
    If you mean are cats attracted to those who want nothing to do with them, a theory I’ve heard about this is that it has to do with eye contact. A cat lover will of course be watching a cat whereas someone who doesn’t like them ignores it.
    A cat views eye contact as rude, so it will naturally gravitate to the one who is showing it proper respect – by not looking at it.

    • Ok, my cat was a rescue I raised him up from a kitten. He loves to be held at least once a day. When I say held it’s like a big hug. He often goes limp in my arms. My cat responds when I speak to him. He does not act I am “being rude”when I make eye contact. Have you ever even owned a cat?

  2. Yes, but not so much because it is negative. but because cats are solitary creatures and they are drawn towards people that are less likely to bother them and pick them up and talk to them. so they will be more attracted to the person ignoring them, usually people who hate cats.

  3. No, what they do is they absorb negative energy and kind of dissipate it. That means that if you are having a negative energy kind of day and you sit and pet a cat, it will take all that away for you and just get rid of it – kind of like a quartz chrystal (except the chrystal stores it).

  4. Cats tend to like people that don’t like cats because they are non-confrontational. Cats don’t like to be stared at, approached, or picked up. People who don’t like cats typically look the other way and move away from the cat, which makes them feel more at ease.

  5. People, I had an excellent experience I would like to share. Firstly, I believe that the reason cats are attracted to people who dislike them, is that our “body language is the exact opposite of animals. We as humans have a tendency to open our eyes when we see something we like. When we see something we dislike, we tend to glare (our eyes gets smaller).
    A cat’s eyes will get smaller when it likes something, and their eyes open wider when they are scared, threatened, or see an “enemy” – something or someone that can harm them.
    I have noticed that my cat comes to me when I blink at her slowly, and I do this all the time when I have eye contact with her. It works every time without me making a sound.
    I once tried this on a lion at a lion farm at Villiers in Freestate, South Africa. The lion was about 10 meters away from me in the shade. She stood up from where she was, walked toward me and laid down two meters from me on the other side of the fence. I now believe this works on all cats – domestic and wild (semi wild in any case).

  6. I don’t like my daughters cat and he doesn’t like me. But lately he’s been coming in and sleeping on my bed at night (which my daughter is not happy about). Tonight I had a nightmare and when I woke up the cat came over and layed on my chest and purred. I felt better and googled this topic not knowing it actually exists that cats really do correct negative energy.

  7. Now that I have read these comments I believe it to be true!! My boyfriends parents have a black cat and when we moved back in over to their place she would come out of nowhere and scare the hell out of me!! I hated that and that made me hate the cat!! But one night I was watching The Walking Dead and she just jumped up on the recliner and fell asleep by my feet purring!! I felt different after that! Now I love the cat!! Weird!! But true story!

  8. I’ve never been attracted to cats. I’m a dog lover. But last year a cat had five kittens in my side yard. I fed them and gave them water everyday, but since I am allergic I never attempted to hold or pet any of the cats. I let them live their cat life. Eventually two of the grown kittens appeared to want me to pet them as I gave them treats. So, I did. Soon, I was sitting outside with them in the sun, while giving treats, and it felt so peaceful, like just letting thoughts drift in and out. They too appeared to let their minds drift as they would look up at the trees and watch the birds. I can’t explain properly how soothing this was. And after a few minutes of this, I would catch myself and feel as if I just woke up. It was amazing. Cats are amazing. Needless to say, I love cats now. I’m still allergic, so they won’t ever be house cats. But, they have brought peace to me and my life is changing for the better ever since. (I have also had them spayed and neutered).

  9. I believe that some cats are attracted to certain people who have a special connection to the Galaxy if you notice that certain cats have odd Eye colors for instance a black cat has green eyes and 2 percentage of humans in the world have green eyes. There is truly something magically connected there I personally know of a few people who have been followed by black cat’s naturally like the popparoxi true story and I don’t want to tell them that they are witches but I honestly think that there’s something supernatural related to the cosmos Galaxy like star people.

  10. I think the theory that cats come to people who don’t like them is false, because I absolutely LOVE cats, and cats are still very much attracted to me. There are two right next to me now…one happens to be purring on my lap LOL


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