Is it self-consciousness or just being super shy?

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I hate crowded places; I hate staring people in the eye. I hate speaking in front of class. I always look down when a large group of people are looking at me. How do I stop being like this; and walk through the room with my head straight up? What do you describe this sort of thing I have?

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Stop hating.


Social anxiety.

Juliya S Tourist

this is fear?
when a large group of people look or stare at you, you should smile 🙂
staring people in the eye is not good, only if you stare during a discussion, and you just try to make sure that they understand your point or that they are listening. staring in the eye should have an open reason, otherwise people feel uncomfortable ( “why is she staring at me? is it my face, my clothes, my eyes?” )
crowded places, and speaking in front of class, it can only be related to fear…
you should ask yourself, why are you afraid?
you know, fear is the worst enemy of people. with it, we can’t do anything.


U sound alot like me
Low Self estem and not that confident
especially in large groups


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