Is it safe to say the God who sent us his message via the Quran and showed us truth and directs us in just?

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just dealings.
Would of made criminal what is criminal now back when Prophet Abraham submitted to the peaceful and, just way of God alone Islam!
He established the house was it really a building or was it a concept of ideologies and principles that were to be upheld salat. The purifying of self to attain a higher consciousness of God and, an awareness that he know’s everything and, therefore we are careful with our gaze and conduct purely out of reverence for God and not fear of what others look at us and say.

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There are two answers to this question. It depends if the country you live in is Sharia Law or not.


one house ….was made by holy solomn ….heckle of solomn ….other made by holy abrahim …..where origionally holy adam made it …and holy jeddah ………….yea it should be with respect to god alone … influence of wealth …power of government ….false religous powers …like firuoon etc …these powers are ….also idols like …and nit god

Muhammed K

couldnt be more safe !!


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