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Is it safe to put Starbucks cups in the microwave?

Im talking about the paper ones they give us everday with our Grande Coffee or somethng. I know the plastic lid bit has to come off since its plastic but thing is that I have a cup of cold Zen tea id like to warm up in the microwave, but im not sure if its safe to do so with paper cups/Starbucks.


  1. yep… its safe. and the worse that could happen if you forget about it, would be the top (non wet) part might start to brown and eventually burn after like 8 minutes or something.

  2. We forgot and left it in for over 10minutes. The smell is awful in the microwave and house. Any suggestions to remove the odor?

  3. first off, paper cups are out of the question to the commenter. Paper cups are lined with wax.
    I have several white 16oz basic Starbucks tumblers and there has been no leaching of any inks, dyes, etc, no separation of the paper that is between the outer an inner walls of the tumbler, no separation of the tumbler..there is no visible evidence of glue holding the thing together as it’s molded plastic (plastic extrusion which is done with many microwavable plastics). I’ve microwave on full power (1500 watt microwave) for no more than 50 seconds – which keeps the coffee quite warm for 45-60 minutes with the lid added after microwaving. I’ve been doing this for several years and I’m still alive. ML – chemist

  4. Not always safe. Had a couple start to burn along the seam where the bottom is joined. Turned brown and smoked in one spot. Very hot there like some metal or something with the glue. Happened a couple times so watch now and not more than 30 sec to re-heat

  5. I microwave my Starbucks cup a minimum 8 times per day and have been doing that since Starbucks was established and have never ever had a problem.


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