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Is it safe to partake in Taoist practices when I am a newbie?

I just got into Taoism but i have been doing energy raising meditation for about a month now and i can feel my sub-navel chakra, heart chakra, crown, and third-eye. Would be safe to continue this form of mediation and to do other ones like retention and testicular breathing when i have not even finished reading “Tao Te Ching’, and on Taoist forums i often have no clue what they are talking about? By the way i am 16 and was born into Christianity but it doesn’t suit me.
I am not a christian and it doesn’t feel weird to me, I’m just wondering.


  1. you continue because you know you can & want to, not because you told to
    if you wait for others to tell you, just re do the basics while waiting. that’s what a good student do
    and don’t worry, religion only proven after we dead, so you have a lifetime to practice.

  2. Continue by all means, but don’t rush. I would develop a sturdy foundation by getting general, non-localized practices such as the microcosmic orbit down pat first and only then develop more specific focus. A pyramid stands when a tower topples. Also, too much flowless crown or third-eye attention can be a great recipe for headaches.

  3. as long as you notice that you are finding more of an inner balance
    just continue your practices and don’t feel like you have to do everything at once


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