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Is it right to say that highly spiritual souls will live alone for the rest of their lives?

To those who understand. This is not about egoism, this is about the awakened conscious. If you want to know more, then email me.


  1. Do you know the same no-place as I do? If you do do we know each other? And if we know each other who’s to say we are alone? ; )

  2. Jesus was the highest SPiritul being you could ever know and He didn’t tell anyone they would be alone in their journey towards heaven!!
    It is better to remain single but if you burn with lust, then you should marry (Words from the bible!)
    Whatever Gods will for you is the best….single or married…whatever will bring Him glory!!!

  3. well rightly said – “that in which the whole world sleeps is the day of the enlightened and that in which the whole world awakens is thier night as the enlightened know nothing about the sensual pursuits and the worldly nothing of the soul”- (Lord Krishna)
    but they say that wise one recognise God in everything and that God is everything and God alone-so what is the question of being one or lonely or many??

  4. It is important that highly spiritual soul don’t get too isolated from this world. This world can really use what they have to offer, especially in this time we live in with all of its problems that really challenge the human spirit, and demand a higher level of morality from everyone, in order to be able to transform these inhumane conditions that are allowed to exist in this highly advanced technological age. Highly spiritual souls do tend to be ignored in this day and age where most people seem to think we have most of the answers we need spiritually. Being isolated tends to be great for developing oneself spiritually, because one is not overwhelmed by the energies of others and can really focus on oneself and ones connection with the oneness of the universe as well as get a better picture of how things operate in the spiritual realm. But, it is important that what one gains from being in isolation is able to be made useful to the world beyond oneself. It is most important to be able to contribute what one has to offer to the betterment of this world. I really hope those highly spiritual souls do end their isolation at some time, and I do not think it is right for them to live the rest of their lives alone or isolated.

  5. I do not think it is right.
    Spirituality is about the re-connection of all humans, or their souls into one single organism again, so it would be the opposite to what you suggest.
    Even on our spiritual path we cannot advance without the help of friends, who have the same goal as ours.
    And there is no exception, this is the purpose of our life, we all have to understand and achieve this, until the last human soul is not connected to the whole, there is no individual who can achieve full spiritual correction or “enlightenment”.
    Here is a video that might help:
    All the best.

  6. i am a nowhere man living in a nowhere land
    a fool on the hill
    out of nowhere comes now here.
    alone from those who are dead to the world,
    yet in Union with the absolute..


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