Home Discussion Forum Is it Reiki energy or something else that I'm using?

Is it Reiki energy or something else that I'm using?

I recently found out about reiki but I have never been attuned to it and right away I started healing myself, like my bad knees, and helped my sister with her broken arm and I also helped my pet dog recover from an attack from another dog. Felina my pet was attacked before and it took a few days for her to heal, but after I used whatever it was I used she recovered in one day. I can scan the aura and feel the hot spots that need healing. Is it just natural for me and if I get attuned will it be more powerful and effective?


  1. Reiki is just a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force Energy. It’s the life force that is in every living thing. Everyone has it and therefore has the ability to heal. Reiki uses symbols to change the vibrations the healer needs to help the client/patient.
    Yes, if you choose to learn the Reiki technique, you will notice an immediate effect on your healing abilities after the attunement. You will also learn about so much more, such as the chakra system, use of crystals and other wonderful tools to help your healings become more successful. Good luck.

  2. Your deffinately gifted and a natural healer… I think you would excell at being a Reiki Practioner/Master. The best advice i could give you is by finding the right Reiki Master that suits you. And the rest will all fall into place for you. Wishing you all the best.

  3. I think you’ll find that if you were properly tested, you would not be able to locate “hot spots” that need healing, any better than random chance.
    People don’t have auras, auras a sign that the person seeing them may be developing epilepsy, migraine or a retinal disorder.
    Felina was probably already healing when you started working on her. It was a few days as you say.
    Knee pain can come and go and have highs and lows. What ever you are doing when the pain hits a low, you will attribute as healing. A form of confirmation bias.
    Universal life energy has never been shown to exist, it is unable to be detected by any scientific apparatus, it is implausible and improbable, it is not shown or predicted in any science or physics theory, and is a misuse of the term energy,which is defined as measurable work capability. High school physics E=mc2. If it is going to be proposed as something that exists, and can be manipulated by special people, than they need to define what it is.
    Reiki never performs better than placebo under proper randomized blinded independent studies. And the Reiki teachers charge a lot of money.
    If you really want to heal people, medical school is your best option.


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