Home Discussion Forum is it really true that crop circles are actually made by cows?

is it really true that crop circles are actually made by cows?

i read some recent research which suggested this was the case.
apparently they use a bit of wood and some rope to fold down the crops

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  1. It is done by people with a mathmatical mind,,not aliens or rutting hedgehogs,,just people,,,,

  2. Cows make some sort of circular thing! However, a leading cow scientist, Dr B. O. Vine (m.a.d), said that crop circles were indeed caused by cows. These cows are extremely clever and use applied trigonometry and advanced alien designs which are beamed to them from outer space.
    Best bit of BS I can come up with to explain.

  3. Huh? If that was true, how do they get the cows there? By helicopter? NO PATHS WHERE THEY MADE WALKING TO THEM !
    Most of us know they are made by aliens-I don’t mean illegals, they are from space.

  4. “Bessie, did you tromp down over an acre of my best corn?”
    “You aren’t lying to me, now are you?”
    “The man from McDonalds is here again…”

  5. I really don’t think that cows can manage the stick and rope contraptions with which crop circles are made.

  6. No, but they can produce ‘crap’ circles. The last thing I heard about crop circles was a bunch of mischievous kids confesses to making them. Haven’t heard anything lately.

  7. I hope research was not government funded.
    Students love creating these circles, it appeals to their sense of fun, and the need for fame.
    Older people who were never famous find this means of grasping fame before gasping their last!
    Middle aged people in need of money invent stories to put in books with pretty pictures.
    Hard working farmers lose money over the grain which cannot be harvested.
    We should make a law that the money from the books goes to the farmers, then it is all fair.
    Once a year we should have confession day, and all the people with ropes and planks can pose for their moment of fame, and then get pelted with tomatoes by farmers.
    When final photos are taken, everyone goes off for a drink.
    Good night boys and girls everywhere.


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