Is it really possible to travel through time?

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Physicists are saying that it’s possible to travel through time and meet yourself in an earlier or older age. They say that there are copies of us out there in the vastness of space or in different dimensions. Is this really true? It seems crazy and impossible but that’s what they are saying. When traveling through time you enter a different Universe where history is slightly different and the laws of physics allows time travel, at least in this universe.

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No they aren’t.
Its not possible, its not going to happen.
All sorts of mathematical daydreaming goes on. It rarely represents reality.
We can imagine every molecule in your body moving in the same direction at the same time and you “levitating”. We can dream it, but it can’t happen. A bit sad perhaps but it is probably better in the long run to live in a Universe with consistent limitations.


yes. all you need is a delorean and a flux capacitor.


The Series, “Slider’s” gives some notions about parallel universes, and the movie ” Cube 2: Hypercube” explores some of the ramifications of the multiverse.
Lots of good theory out there, which may indeed be true. You might also visit a vortex, (there is one called the mystery spot in Santa Cruz California) or one of the other spots around the world where gravity does not function consistently.


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