• Yes, as the bloke above said it’s called kirlian photography, it can be used on plants as well, anything that has an energy source, rocks, no, trees etc yes…
    There is no way you are an Indigo child, as the Crystal / Indigo children have only been born since 1982..
    Blessed Be… )O(

  • Yes it is possible to take pictures of aura using the kirilian camera. It not only takes pictures of human aura but that of plants and other objects.

    The Kirlian Camera was officially re-invented by Semyon D. Kirlian, in Krasnodar the former USSR, 1939. In Brazil, Professor Newton Millhomens, a Brazilian Physicist, built the first Brazilian Kirlian Camera, in Brasilia (DF), 1968, from an electronic scheme originating from the Soviet model.

    In Curitiba, May of 1986, the “1st Brazilian Congress of Kirliangraphy” took place. There, the Kirlian Cameras made by Prof. Newton Milhomens, by unanimous decision, were considered the “Official Brazilian standard of Kirlian Cameras and Kirliangraphy” and from that day forward, they have been officially known as Kirlian Cameras “Padrão Newton Milhomens” (Newton Milhomens Standard).

    Up until now, only Prof. Newton Milhomens has been making, in Curitiba (PR), Kirlian Cameras according to the “Standard” (Newton Milhomens Standard), and, until now, nobody else has yet to grasp the intricate technical specifications of this product, because there are some industrial secrets that only Prof. Newton Milhomens and his qualified staff know completely.



    Input Voltage: 110/220V – AC

    Output Voltage: 0 to 12 kV ~

    Module 1: 15cm x 12cm x 8cm

    Module 2: 15cm x 7cm x 6cm

    Total weight: 2.5 kg

    Look up on net for kirilian camera. You can buy one too.

  • New Age psycho-babble with absolutely no grounding whatsoever in science. They are very good at taking your money, though.

  • I was wondering the same thing. A few years ago I was at a psychic fair and had my aura picture taken. I ‘ve wondered if it was really my aura..or if they just had a bunch of pictures behind the curtain to hand out.

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