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Is it really possible to fly using meditation alone?

I heard about this Zen Flying thing but it just looks like a bunch of yuppies hopping in the lotus position I’m just looking for any credible info.


  1. no.
    I’ve practiced meditation for over 20 years and have numerous times reached the point where the brains parietal lobe shuts down – that’s the reason people claim they have “left their body” and there is no “flying”.
    Now don’t get me wrong. When the part of your brain that gives you the sense of where you are shuts down it’s utterly astounding and I see why people attributed “supernatural” explanations to it…. long ago.
    Imagine this. Right now you have the sense of where your foot is even when you don’t look at it. That is thanks to the parietal lobe of your brain. Ever had your foot fall asleep and you can’t tell what it’s doing? Imagine that without the tingling.
    No sense of where your foot is and no sensation. Now extend that idea to every part of your body. That is the height of meditation.

  2. It is possible, but it really only works if you start from a really tall height, like a top of a building or out of an airplane, and it only works for a little while.
    To the uninitiated, it looks a lot like falling. But really they’re flying. Just not for long.

  3. Meditation, although many have suggested otherwise,
    is NOT about getting a “high” or learning how to “fly.”
    Anyone who suggests that is only being facetious —
    and/or, is someone’s who is “highly” misinfomed.
    For a list of credible authors on medition, you may feel
    free to email me, anytime!

  4. It isn’t a Zen thing, it is a yogic thing in Hindu yoga cults and Buddhist cults. Through meditation and physical conditioning persons learn to sort of hop or jump while in the lotus position and this has been called “flying.” It is more of a parlour trick but it practiced in more serious and esoteric forms of yoga to teach the person what kinds of feats can be achieved.
    More commonly, states of alternate consciousness can be achieved through meditation or concentration such that (yes, neuroelectrochemical changes occur in the brain) a person experiences sensations of flying, floating, absorption, or the sensation of being outside of the body. These are vestibular effects in scientific parlance.


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