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Is it really possible to feel someone presence when they are behind you or upstairs?

I think its called auras
If it is true can it be felt when a person is in a box?
I have seen it in the movies but that is just the movies


  1. I dunno about that but I do know you can feel someone looking at you. I have done it and the ppl I am starting at looking right at me

  2. It is true to some extent. Experiments have shown that people guess no better than chance when guessing if someone is staring at them. However, subtle clues like noises (breathing), smells, and if close enough maybe the bodies electrical field might let you know a person is near or behind you.
    However, in his book “The Sense of Being Stared At” biologist Rupert Sheldrake through experiments showed that your body (not you) knows when your being stared at as that your blood volume and galvanic skin response both increase.
    Michael John Weaver, M.S.

  3. Have you ever smelt the linger of a loved one …like on their pillow…even though they were not there? It is in that refrence that I say Yes…you can feel a persons energy…when it’s behind you, or, upstairs, or in a box. ” Energy is the accumulation of thought”-(some are proving this concept to be true)…so…even in a box…you can be felt. Everything and everyone is made of energy…this is a known universal law.


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