Is it really possible to develop psychic powers?





I know most sane people would say no, but if that’s true why are there so many books at the library adressing the subject. On top of that, there is that Chris Angel, who levitates in the middle of the street surrounded by tons of people, while cameras are watching him. No tricks there


  1. You can’t develop what you don’t have and almost everyone has zero level psychic powers.But if you are one of the gifted few who do have these powers and are aware of them,they can be enhanced.But it’s very draining and a bit dangerous to do it,so be careful.

  2. No, it isn’t! Ask yourself this. Why are people like Uri Gellar, the spoon bender quite happy to be tested by scientists? Because they know that scientists automatically search for scientific answers. The people they refuse to be examined by are those who can also do these tricks. There is a stage magician in UK called Paul Daniells and our own James Randi here in the US who have put up huge sums of money for anyone proving they have psychic powers, and nobody has yet done so. So far, every one of these so-called psychics have refused to submit to the evaluation of the real experts in sleight-of-hand, because their methods will be exposed in pretty short order!

  3. Hello Hot Rod
    There are no psychic powers!
    But there are natural psychic abilities – we all have them & yes they can be developed!
    Levitation is a trick, under the banner of Mentalism.

  4. Criss Angel is entertaining, and extreamly hot. But, its all stunts. You can youtube people mimicking some of his more famous ones, like levitation. Its not difficult.
    However, stage-magicians aside, it is possible to develop psychic abilities. There are various ways. Here are a couple.
    1. Build a Psychic Ability stimulator. I’m not joking. All you need is a needle, one of those flat pink erasers, and a square piece of paper. Stick the needle in the erasor. Fold the paper diaginally once, then diaginally again, creating a point in the middle. Unfold the paper and balance it on the point of the needle. Notice how easily it spins? Go to someplace without any wind, and try moving it with your mind. Try not to breathe on it 😛 (This is Telekenisis)
    2. Sit someplace quiet and close your eyes. Imagine a place you know, someplace with lots of people. Like the lobby of a hotel you’ve been to and can remember, or the front of a building you pass by a lot. Or a street you know well. Picture it in your mind. Take your time, get the image really clear, and down to the smallest of details. Now – allow yourself to imagine people there, walking by, or driving, or doing whatever they do. Don’t force it, just let the people come, just let them flow into your mind. At first they will be hazy, and if you try to focus in on one, you’ll loose it, but after practice you can begin to notice details of the people. Clothing, hair color, eye color, etc. The hope is that you are seeing these people that are really there at that time. Try testing it, by getting on a cell phone with a friend. Have you friend stand near the are you are trying to See. Describe to him, as you look with your mind, someone you See, and ask your friend if that person is really there. (This is called Remote Viewing).
    3. Get a deck of cards. Shuffle it and lay it out in front of you. Pick up the first card, but do not look it. Close your eyes and imagine what color it is, or what suit. Start simple, with just color, as you only have a 50/50 chance with those. Try and guess the color, then flip it over. Keep doing color for a while until you notice that more often then not you get it right. Then try guessing the suit. Then the suit and the color. Then lastly try and guess the number.
    4. Get a friend to help you. Sit across the table from him/her. Between you place 4 objects. Anything will do so long as its small enough to fit on the table, and doesn’t block your view of your friend. Ask your friend to focus on just one of the objects. Tell him not to look directly at it, but to pick an object, and think very hard about it. To imagine it clear in his/her mind. Now, you can either touch your friend’s hand, or try it without touching, its up to you. Focus on your friend’s mind, and try and picture what object he picked. Once you think you know, ask him if you are right. (This is mind-reading).
    5. Go out in a public place and walk among people. As you get near someone, try to pick up on what they are feeling. Happyness, sadness, anger, stress, etc. There isn’t really a way to test this without asking the stranger if your right, but you can still make the attempt. (This is Empathy).

  5. Read “the art of cold reading.” Its very good. I use to steal money from people that believe in psychic powers.
    So no, you can’t develop something that is not real in the first place. James Randi ( offers $1,000,000 for proof of psychic powers. After many years, no has come close to winning this money. Randi is friends with Chris Angel, and yes it is a trick!
    I am only going to give educational answers here. Look within yourself and be a good person. Do not fall for fraud or commit it.

  6. Levitation does not normally affirm.a psychic power. It is an occult power.
    it is posible to develop psychic power, just as by practice we improve our mental capacities and also our body. Only it takes longer time , more concentration and more entry into the inner domains.
    Its results are basically , feeling of infinite love for everybody and all things ; a feeling of tremendous joy and bliss for eternity.

  7. Honey, I think you are living in a world where pinnochio is a real boy and glenda to good witch flies about. None of those tricks are real. Chris Angel has spent many years perfecting the way he does all his “tricks” and I seriously doubt that you can develop your psycic powers., but good luck sweetheart

  8. Yes you start with meditation until you can feel spiritual energies and if you do this everyday you will have psychic powers.
    I’ve got the infomation how to develope psychic powers from some websites.

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