Is it probable physic and parapsychology to be connected in some point in the future?

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I suppose you mean psychic.They’re already connected, by the silliness factor.


I hope so for everyone’s benefit. In the past the strongest connection we had was the so called Papal Infallability.
This concept says that the Pope is always right when he speaks out on matter of God as God’s representative on this earth to his people. It said that the Pope in not capable of being incorrect or wrong as his word is coming to us from God directly as it is possible to come. There was a little fly in the oitment when the Pope decreed that the sun revolved around the earth, but Christians later said such statements are not ‘matters of God’.
Mostly, parapsychology is like a boneyard of outdated and unproven decrees too, and very little progress has been made except in the Government remote seeing program, and they keep the knowledge from reaching the public.


Yes. Not in the future but now it is already established. Russell Targ who was instrumental in running the remote viewing program for the government is a physicist as are many others that work in the field of parapsychology.
Here is a link to the Parapsychological Association that lists the educational backgrounds of several of their members.
Michael John Weaver, M.S.


(I’m assuming you meant physics) I don’t think it’s too likely. The Parapsychological Association was admitted as an affiliate to the American Association for the Advancement of Science back in 1969 (however, this happened due to the influence of only one albeit influential person, Margaret Mead, without whom the PA would have never been nominated let alone accepted). Since then, the PA has had almost 40 years to show that it is a legitimate science. Despite all that time, it has failed to do so. The most that can be said for parapsychology is that there have been some inconclusive results here and there. There have been no results widely recognized by scientists as being strong or even weak evidence of paranormal abilities, and today parapsychology is no more of a science than it was in 1969. In fact, given the dismal results produced since then, it’s not inaccurate to say that if parapsychology is not a dead science, it is sitting squarely on death’s doorstep.
Because the PA is effectively “grandfathered in” to the AAAS, it will be much more difficult to remove it from the AAAS than it was to add it. It will happen eventually, but it may not be soon.
Is there any possibility this situation could change? Sure — I can’t prove that someone won’t start showing indisputable evidence of clairvoyance or remote viewing tomorrow. But based on the above, it’s not too likely.


One can only hope.


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