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Is it possibly with belief to change your eye color from dark brown to gray through weekly hypnosis sessions?

Not only that would it be possible to make your skin color more fair, through hypnosis?


  1. No.
    Eye color is something determined by your DNA, which can in no way be affected by simply messing with your mind.
    The same goes for hair, skin, and height.

  2. OMG.
    Sorry, I was laughing.
    I would say no since your eye color is genetic and so is your skin color. Even a tan is temporary and is actually scarring, and nothing to do with the melanin in your skin. There is nothing in your brain that controls your color unless you are blushing.
    If some numb-skull told you it was possible, have him/her show you how THEY change colors first before paying them.

  3. Maybe in your mind, but not in reality. What would be the biological mechanism for that, and could you imagine the implications if it were possible?

  4. … no. You can’t change your eye color.
    Skin color is a different story. You can get lighter by keeping covered up and not exposing yourself to the sun, or, more drastically, with skin bleaching. However, “Hypnosis” or “Belief” will not help at all.

  5. Absolutely!
    How you do it(buying anything or not), how long it takes or how drastically it changes will vary but yes, you can change your eye color(your body) with your mind. Of course, no doctor, scientist or anyone who knows something about biology will say it’s true because it can’t be explained and it does sound like utter nonsense.
    One example of physical changes with your mind only that is “scientifically” proved is in Multiple Personalities Disorder where one of your personalities can have blue eyes and skin allergies, and other can have brown eyes with clear skin, those changes are immediate.
    Good luck in whatever you try, keep researching and be persistent.


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