Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to use your subconscious mind at a constant?

Is it possible to use your subconscious mind at a constant?

the subconscious obviously knows more, than the conscious, it does things that we are unaware of. but then that would mean that it would be a more honest version of ourselves. it would show our true feelings and thoughts, so is there a way we can control it and be able to use our subconscious?


  1. ‘Control’ isn’t really the best word here if you’re also talking about true feelings, thoughts and honesty. Those things are as they are. There’s nothing that can be controlled. that’s pretty much what consciousness does in the context you’re taking it.
    What you can do is learn to access your subconscious, or inner self. All you need to do is listen. So just sit, be quiet, and listen.
    Though it can take a bit of practice until you learn to hear properly.
    Most people who practice this would call it meditation.

  2. I used my subconscious mind once. As soon as I did it was no longer subconscious. I quit trying so that my id may live.
    Seriously, I have a sister whose every thought is on her lips. You don’t want that.

  3. I would say yes,Our minds are always working subconsciously from our frame of reference,think about it when you write..lets say on the keyboard your not thinking about how to type but what you are going to type,its no longer a cognitive task ….writing the actual message would be because your are always think on what you are going to write.
    lol do you get my drift? =]


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