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Is it possible to use chakra for power?

yeah I know this sounds foolish, but is it possible to actually control our soul or chakra to attain higher power? I expect many comment about how I’m psycho, I know it seems crazy but than agin it feels good just to ask this question and get it off of my imagination


  1. This may sound weird and not understandable. But if you make yourself believe something so firm, it WILL become reality. You just have to summon your physical and/or mental strength. Which barely anyone can do.

  2. There are seven chakras in the ancient Indian system of Kundalini; this is an aspect of “Raja Yoga,” one of the “eight limbs” of Yoga (Raja Yoga also includes Hatha Yoga, which is the physical postures that most folks are familiar with in the West).
    But yeah, for sure, you can ascend or descend through the chakras to heighten energy and awareness; it’s definitely an interesting experience, but requires some basic knowledge of where they are in your body, and how to activate them.
    As far as specific symbols, colors, and emotional content goes (supposedly pertaining to each chakra), I would ignore that stuff if I were you because it is counter-productive to the actual experience of the energy work involved.
    But yeah, try it, it’s fun!

  3. actually ur not crazy at all
    i do not know if its possible but i do know one thing
    scientists are still learning how to use the full capacity of our brains
    if they discover to
    we might get something new


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