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Is it possible to use astral projection to go back in time and be born again as someone else?

Like go inside a pregnant woman and possess the fetus.You know what I’m talking about so don’t try to make me look funny.


  1. No, astral projection doesn’t actually work. And neither does time travel. In fact, no part of this plan could ever work.

  2. No, the spirit doesn’t work that way. You must return to Heaven to be re-born, so your Earth-bound spirit can’t ‘jump the line’. Your soul is eternal, however, and once in Heaven you have some lattitude as to the when and where you re-appear, should you choose to do so.

  3. No, sorry.
    There are many imaginary things that can make exciting and enjoyable fiction stories. Many people enjoy them and so do I.
    Just remember, these are NOT REAL:
    Astral traveling, dragons, time traveling, Cupid, reincarnation, werewolves, genies, zombies, telepathy, mermaids, vampires, lucky numbers, tooth fairies, homeopathic healing, magic (of any color), leprechauns, spontaneous human combustion, astrological influences, Vulcan death grip, clairvoyants, Superman, angels, charmed or lucky objects, unicorns, hexes, space aliens on Earth, light sabers, paranormal anything, dead people walking around, fountain of youth, telekinesis, spirit guides… or supernatural events of any kind.

  4. Yes, all you have to do is activate a flux capacitor while you are using an improbability drive. Wait for a room full of monkeys randomly typing to give you a copy of Hamlet, and then you should be able to use an inertial damper to travel through time!

  5. Nope astral projection is bull it doesn’t work.But DMT will give you’re mind a trip somewhere either amazing or terrifying.You’re not going to enter a different body tho lol

  6. You mind is purely a subset of your body. It does not exist apart from it, and if your body were destroyed (say, in a matter-antimatter reaction), no part of you would exist.

  7. It might be possible but there is no point. You can change things about yourself as to who and what you are right from where you are now. If it is a change of body you want, the standard way is to drop the body you currently have and get a new one within the forward moving time stream. I wouldn’t bother to possess a fetus though. Just claim the fetus and hang around the pregnant woman and take possession at birth.

  8. YES, it works like that. But what these SOBs don’t know is I am familiar with Vajrayana Buddhist Teachings. So as far as those SOBs know it doesn’t exist, and not possible.
    You have to first master Generation Stage
    then master Completion Stage
    then practice the Six Yogas of Naropa that are an extended Completion Stage practice.
    “Transference of consciousness at the time of death” but if you force your winds out at the top of the skull you can cause your current body to die then you can choose another body.
    The Best books I have found that teach this is “Clear Light of Bliss”
    They also carry Generation Stage Practice Materials such as Thangkas.
    The purpose of a Thangka is to aid in the perfection of Generation Stage Meditations.
    A Buddha statue is the most basic Thangka.
    The Beginner Thangkas are simple geometric symbols, whereas the more Advanced Thangkas such as Yamantaka Thangkas are utilized in further developing very minute detail of concentration skills. The more advanced a Thangka is and the ability to visualize it, according to the 9 stages of Tranquil Abiding, the more control a person has over their mind. The more control a person has over their mind, the more susceptible they are to the subtle movements of the subtle body. With the purpose of increasing that perception to the very subtle body.
    There are 2 methods of pushing the winds thru the body, the above mentioned is the peaceful method. The other method is called the forceful method, though it is often quicker, and can prove quite disastrous. To the effect of ejecting one’s consciousness out and taking immediate rebirth. It can be done if certain protocols are met, such as the proper placements of bandhas and mudras. Such as was done in the Shower with the Shampoo Bottle.
    However, if the Peaceful Method is practiced faithfully everyday for a long time, one can eventually manifest their powers/siddhis at will.
    Fierce Imagery


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