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Is it possible to use astral projection to change the past which will alter our future?

I am very curious. There are some things that could really make a difference and help a lot of people. I feel like I’m meant to do it. I’ve had very realistic wonderful dreams of what the lives of many people I would change for the better. And any good tips, experiences, feedback (hopefully positive) is much appreciated 🙂
And christ I know I sound crazy, so please just skip the negative bs.


  1. Well, I think your thoughts are in the right place. If you get this astral projection thing to work, I’ll probably see you on the news!

  2. I won’t say it’s not possible, but there’s nothing I’ve seen to suggest it is. Feel free to try, of course. While I might believe that it’s possible to “project” one’s mind out of one’s body, I have serious doubts that you would be capable of projecting your mind into the past, and even if you could project your mind into the past, it would just be your mind, and I’m not quite sure how you would be able to change the past without a physical body to interact with the world.

  3. I do believe it’s possible to travel back and forth in time on the astral level – time really isn’t linear on that plane, but you probably can’t affect our world while in astral form.

  4. Yes. The mechanic behind this is the manifestation process of “The Secret” or law of attraction, which is much more effective when practised out of body due to thought and action having greater overlap there. In his final book on projection (Ultimate Journey), Robert Monroe writes in multi-chapter length about effectively travelling into the past to help others.

  5. I get you probably can go to the past by astol projecting. like say about a year or two ago and then possesing yourself staying in that time period. make some great financial dicisions.

  6. yes i think it is ive projected several times to different times even the past when i changed i went left instead of rite and ended up a dead end still practicing it havent gotten back to past though


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