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Is it possible to understand all religious belief?

There are thousands of human religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Mormonism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Jainism, etc……
It would take several thousand lifetimes to truly understand each of these expressions of subjective faith.
Does the fact that you as a human cannot experience each belief system render them all unreal, or does the requirement of faith for each do that?


  1. Actually, it can be narrowed down.
    But to understand a belief one would have to get inside someone’s head and there is not much room inside there for another person. (The Neo-Atheist actually are trying to do this. Good luck, my friends.)
    So where does one start?
    I can only say that Jesus explained about the nature of God (Read Mt. in the NT).
    Hope this helps.

  2. So you mean you cant know which religion you believe in! your right, most people who are religious have just accepted the religion that was given to them as a child, and not even looked into any others!
    But i think each religion is supposed to be a different path to the same God thoguh!
    But I have been looking into how similar Islam and Christianity are to each other, its very interesting, they have a few pages of the koran about mary and Jesus…
    And islam also tells the story of Adam and Eve… there are lots more similarites too

  3. You haven’t yet understood that biblical Christianity is of the Christ of God and not from human musings.
    You’ve proved this by lumping Christianity (One God) in with Hinduism (330 million gods) and then pitting Christianity against “protestantism”.
    It is the very nature of fallen man to lack the ability to understand what God has revealed about Himself in the Bible, let alone the mystery that He has yet to reveal.
    The only hope remains; Jesus said:
    “You must be born again”.
    Once you have heeded His command, please return and discuss the matter if you will.

  4. Is it possible to understand all religious belief?
    Its very easy.
    You dont really neeed to go into the nitty gritty philosophy of the religion in my opinion.
    You just need to know that they teach you a way to the ONE God.
    Once you understand that then believing in all the system is easy.
    Just accept that each one is trying to take you to God.

  5. i can grantee to you that understanding islam doesnt take more that 2 minutes
    believe in one GOD,all messengers and all books and be good person and continue on that
    see you now understand islam

  6. An orthodox religion takes the practitioner into higher realm. Therefore, one should stay away from cult religions.
    There are some criteria to consider.
    1) It is also best to take up the root lineage of a religion. For example, one can study the lineage of the Buddhist belief and try to find and study closest to the root.
    2) availability of the scripture
    3) access to the practitioners to assess their spiritual behaviors and attitude
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