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is it possible to speak or sing with multiple voices at the same time?

I’ve looked fucking EVERYWHERE online for some kind of information on this subject as i became curious when i saw in “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” that tibetan monks have learned to implement a technique allowing them to control their vocal chords in a way that they can chant in multiple tones
i’ve also read up on facts about humans having a “second set of vocal chords”
any information or links to sources you can give me would be great


  1. Have you seen American Idol? Some singers sing with multiple voice which freaks out the judges and makes me laugh. sss

  2. tibetan throat singers. Its not that they are controlling the vocal chords. they manipulate the resonance chambers and the shapes of their “ahhs” and tongues to flow through different sets of overtones. I don’t know if you know this but if you take two musical tones in perfect tune you can create another tone called a resultant tone. This is what they are doing. Everytime you speak or sing you hear the fundamental. What you don’t hear is all the rest of the harmonic series as it ascends up. 1,5,1,3,etc…
    The more overtones you create the richer your voice sounds and the more it projects.Get a cheap 100 dollar acoustic guitar and compare it in tone to a 2000+ dollar acoustic. The difference you hear is the amount of overtones it creates from better resonance.
    If you sing an A manipulated to bring out more of the lower overtones the A will sound “darker”, more intimate. If you do the same but bring out more of the higher overtones you get a “brighter” sound. If you have ever heard throat singing it doesn’t sound like speaking at all.

  3. I know a couple times iove found myself speaking in two separate voices at once and saying two completely different things overlapping eachother without interruption… I have no idea what it means but it is possible…seeing or doing is believing

  4. I met a person and witnessed them speak in two different voices at the same time. They had just come out of prison and he wasn’t a decent human being at all. I often wonder if he was possessed by a demon. His natural voice was deeper and the background voice a more shrill higher pitched voice. It is an experience I will never forget. It really scared me.


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