Home Discussion Forum is it possible to slow a fall using psychokinesis?

is it possible to slow a fall using psychokinesis?

i know that psi is energy, and technically movement is energy as well… so would it be possible to use psi as a form of braking system, if concentrated correctly, to slow a fall from a roof or even if you tripped?


  1. I was doing some free climbing and the rocks in my left hand broke free from the mountain side when I was reaching with my right. I grabbed with my right as I started to fall backwards and pulled myself back against the mountainside. The person with me asked how I had done that, my right hand was not holding onto anything. I just joked that I had grabbed onto the energy as a reaction when nothing else was available. I would not even try to understand or guess what actually happened because that would mean I would have to test any theory and I am not foolish enough to intentionally try it.
    OK for the skeptics who will say it was a muscle reflex and fully natural, I can accept that but here are some details.
    I am not supposed to be doing such things as mountain climbing, particularly free climbing because I am handicapped (I know that is not the PC word but by definition I am not disabled, I am handicapped) and have only 3-18% nerve function in both arms/hands and legs/feet. The doctors are unsure of why I can even walk at all. They say with my limited function I should be either bedridden or in an electric wheel chair, I could not push a normal one with my arms or even use my hands to grab the wheel more than a short distance. I have been in a wheel chair so I am experienced with it, I was paralyzed from the neck down at 28 years old (militarily related). I wear metal braces on both legs that hold my ankles in place, not very flexible. I have little to no use of either of my thumbs, my grip and hands work similar to that of a monkey. They bend at the knuckle first and then roll inward at the metacarpal joint, I cannot even make a proper fist. I am supposed to wear braces for my hands and wrists also but they are too painful and uncomfortable being as I have a sensitivity that is 200-300% compared to “normal” when it comes to feeling. That is on a good day and then there are many times I get a lot more sensitive to touch and to feel things, I never go barefoot due to this and with the hands, I avoid anything even remotely sharp. I was wearing leather gloves to allow me to touch and grab the rocks.
    Aside from that experience, I have had many times when the legs have failed to function properly and occasionally I have tripped due to it and often I have seemed to fall in a gentle manner, I would not say slower, than expected. It has always happened when I have not had anything to physically grab and hold to keep from falling but instinctively did grab to break the fall. When I have tried to do this with intent and concentration to test it, it fails to work. Apparently it takes more than just focus and concentration if at all. I will not even try to make any explanation, just relay my observation as accurately as I can from my personal experience and viewpoint.
    I can expect that there will be some who say that I am stupid or that my behavior is stupid if I am as handicapped as I stated. Yes I am that handicapped but I also know it does not mean I am helpless. It was said that I will never live to see my 29Th birthday, that means I will have my 28Th birthday for the 20Th time this year. I have experienced death on a short term multiple times and I accept that one of these times it will be final so until then I will continue to experience life in any way I choose no matter what anyone says or the risks involved. I have lived for years knowing that each day may be my last so I will live like it just may be. I would not recommend you falling off a roof to test your idea, you could do damage that leaves you handicapped and it is not worth it just to test your idea. Better to place a couple mattresses on the floor and fall onto them, even from a chair if you choose. Film it and have someone keep notes as a witness. Use light activated switches that can get precise time readings. You may also wish to try it with objects that you concentrate on to slow down and their times without you concentrating for comparison. If you are serious, do a group concentration. If you do get favorable results, please pass them on to me as I am always looking to learn more.
    Happy experimenting and have fun.
    Edit: Tunsa, although I had practiced acouple different martial arts prior to being handicapped I had forgotten about the use of chi. I did attempt to try martial arts again as a form ot physical training. I also tried tai chi and yoga and most as you wrote do use the belief in the use of chi. As stated above I cannot make a proper fist and with one punch against my soft sack (foam rubber) I broke my hand. I decided it best that I sell my training equiptment to avoid further temptation and until your comment I have not thought about it for over 10 years. Thanks for refreshing my memory, it made me smile.
    Foam, you did notice I stated that I made the comment as a joke did you not? I was surprised myself as I held onto the side of the cliff with a chunk of broken off rock in one hand and nothing in the other, looking down into a ravine. It was just the first thing that came to mind to calm the friend I was with. She was panicked and said there was no way she would have been able to climb down and lift me out. Neither of us had a cell phone with but they would probably not had a signal where we were anyway, we had hiked down a valley to get there. We were in a deep box canyon with nothing but mountain walls around us and forest beyond that.
    I agree there are other plausable explainations but I am not willing to place what physical function I have at risk to check and my point was that neither should the asker. It may be interesting and fun to do some expirimenting but if someone wants to expiriment, they should do it safely and responsibly. They should also keep documentation and have at least one witness. The testing should contain some variables for comparison and be as accurate as possible. Note that a body position can change but an object such as a cinder block remains strait and will not bend the way a persons body may and does not have arms that could reach foreward to trip a light switch one time and possibly not the next which would give inaccurate data. One can also review a video tape to better re-analize the incident.
    Also note that I commented it was a reaction, not an intended, premeditated plan. This concurs with your comment of instinctual response.
    I have never heard of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”, is that a television series? Then again I have never seen “Paranormal State”, “Ghost Hunters” or the others I have read about here. I do not even know if any of them are on television here other than maybe on one of the military channels, which I do not get.
    I always welcome someone who is interested, willing to seek actual evidence and to ask questions to try experimenting. Possibly someone who approaches things with a fresh perspective will benefit science and help explain some things and come up with a method that is acceptable to test to show evidence that explains some things that science has not yet been able to explain. As a skeptic I am always looking for verifyable new ways to explain things.

  2. In martial arts, chi is often moved or directed to present an additional force beyond physical force. In fact, some masters will use rooting chi to hold themselves in place. Others actually discuss “throwing” chi in order present a force at a distance from their physical forms. One practice that I have seen is related to the different characteristics of chi. There is heavy chi, related to earth or wood, which can help to secure or root an object in place. In addition, there is light chi, related to air or fire, which can help to lighten an object. I have seen martial artists using light chi as a means to help them to jump higher or to fall more lightly. Also, during a fall, I have seen a person attempt to throw their chi upwards in order to present an upward force to counteract the falling motion.
    All of these things are an attempt to use psychokinesis, in the form of chi, to influence the relationship between the body and the earth.
    I don’t know of any tests that have been done related to falling, but I do have a vague memory of some tests of yogis who would attempt to reduce their body weight using only their power of will. They were placed on a scale and their weight seemed to be reduced as they entered their trance state. As I recall, this was done over 40 years ago, so I don’t know the specifics of the experiment to know if the conditions were well controlled or monitored. Anyway, there are other people who have considered this matter, but it is very difficult to test.

  3. When i read you question i started to think about sports. In every sport and sport event there is movement, i.e kinetics. Out of all the known recorded results, all the photos, all the films depicting sports throughout history, there is not ONE single example of anyone breaking a record or getting a extraordinary result that we can refer to psychokinesis. Nor can we see any psychokinetic attempts at doing so. Not ONE clear image or film showing movement effected by psychokinesis.
    Why is this important? First, because it would be a VERY useful ability in sports therefor it would surely be used, now and then, or at one time or another in history – where there is competition there will be cheating! Secondly, there’s such an enormous amount of documented visual authentic material on sports. NONE showing any strange kinetics disobeying the known laws of physics!
    Should’nt we have seen that by now? After all these years and when basically every person has a digital camera or a phone with a camera, capable of taking thousands of pictures in it’s pocket?!
    I think there is a much more plausible explanation to your experince there. When we are about to fall or exposed to a sudden danger we normally do not THINK what we should do to avoid damaging ourselves. We just act upon pure instinct, i think all people have had such experiences or will have, i know i have. The question “How did you do that?!” is the same question that makes most people go see a show with David Copperfield, i guess. Of course it can be fun even if you know how it’s done….
    Again, no movie of any mountain climbers or accidents or anything shows without doubt that a person did “something” that ough be physically impossible. (I have seen all episodes of “I Should’nt Be Alive”, the survival in those vids are as close as “physically impossible” you can get) 😉

  4. Climb up on to your roof, build up all this so called ‘psi’ energy you can muster and jump off.
    Post results, lets see how many broken bones you end up with. I mean just for shlts and giggles.


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