Home Discussion Forum is it possible to sense/see auras?

is it possible to sense/see auras?

can you actually train yourself to see/sense auras? if so how?


    • I would love to learn how to do this. I was attuned for Reiki 7 years ago and when the Master blew on my third eye I saw a huge splash of purple (eyes were closed) and at the time I didn’t know that the third eye was the color of purple. Can you also teach me how to see auras? I would appreciat this. Thank You- Paula White

  1. Yes it’s possible but your chakra’s have to be in good working order – if you don’t know what your chakra’s are have a look on the web. And meditate – you don’t have to do this by sitting in a meditation position with your back straight and leg crossed – i find that uncomfortable so i just lie down and clear my mind. Meditation is a good way to open your psychic abilities.

  2. One time in social studies I saw these weird light color things around the people in my class…does that count? It wasn’t like the light made the person seem different though. It was actally pretty easy.

  3. yes it is possible there are many books on the subject and also i cant remember the name but there was a man and his wife i think they made a camera that you can take pictures of peoples auras.

  4. They live on blood. Not necessarily human blood. Daylight hurts them, but doesn’t kill them if they are old enough. With age comes power. The older the vampire, the more powerful they are and harder to kill

  5. The answer is yes. You can train your self to see auras.
    It isn’t easy. And most people that I know that can see auras
    are spiritual – not necessarily religious – who developed the ability
    as a sideline or bi product of their spiritual training.
    One of my close friends said she prayed to have that ability
    removed. She didn’t like walking down the street or in the mall
    and knowing the illnesses and problems that so many people


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