Is it possible to send a telepathetic message ?






How to send a message through telepathy saying I love you so much more than all my family and friends on earth and I have nothing like you ,to my girl friend


  1. Just try really hard until your head explodes. then they will know you died trying to sending them a telepathic message saying you love them all

  2. um… thats impossible….
    but wat u can do is show her signs that u love her. hold her hand, kiss her, make out… other stuf too
    FLIRTING is good too!

  3. i wish there was then i could really tell my bf how i feel about him without words like it would be cool if it was emotions and we could send exactly how we feel for them to them

  4. nobody has proved and documented this; however that does not make it impossible.
    You should watch the FOX TV Show “FRINGE”. Quite entertaining!

  5. i don’t think you can, just show it, you know, love stories, poems, song that’s basically it.
    There is a Chinese meditation called “Reiki” but that cant send messages. It can connect emotion, what you’re feeling not messages.

  6. A person can’t do that Physically. Sometimes people can discover what someone else is trying to say through their eyes and actions.

  7. I am convinced that my dog picks up some of my thoughts.
    BTW, if you say all that mushy stuff to your GF she will dump you in a matter of months. Perhaps weeks. Try it and see.

  8. this may sound weird and crazy but life is like that
    when you become linked to someone anything is possible
    its like knowing what someone wants without them ever saying anything
    if your trying to do advice is don’t try too hard let it come naturally

  9. There are many theorys, and many claims of being able to speak with another telepathically. But Scientifically, or even in all religions I know of, it’s unheard of, and impossible. Now, if you are with her, then it all shows in your face. Show that you are happy to be with her, instead of just ON her if you know what I mean. Let her know how important she is to you in your life. Girls like to feel appreciated. Otherwise, send a text message, an email, an IM..Anything, saying exactly what you said above.

  10. Yes believe it or not. People are so closed minded to not believe there are things beyond out there that we cannot see from the physical eye view. The mind is the most powerful being on this earth more than we can understand. You have heard of the word instinct right? Our instincts are a gift we all have but we choose to listen to it or not. What you want to do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed from noises even pets if you have any.
    Close your eyes and focus on that thought in meditation. Do not think about anything else. Believe in that thought above and nothing else. Think about it until you feel it taking over you mind and body. This gets frustrating at some point, but don’t break the focus otherwise it will not work. Then think about you CAN move your thoughts into her mind. You have to think you have the ability to do so. Focus only that until you feel like it’s really happening. Then say in your mind what you want to say to her so she can feel it to.
    I know this sounds silly, but it only works if you believe. Believe in it first then go ahead how I explained.
    I hope I helped.

  11. yes. telepathy is an ability untapped or undeveloped in many people. it is actually part of our natural senses like our sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. in fact you can actually call this your sixth sense, although it is a generalization.
    you are already telepathic in everyday life. how many times have you been able to correctly guess someone’s mood or feelings without them telling you? how many times have you been able to correctly sense what someone is going to say? how many times have you demonstrated you love someone without using words (ie, a genuine hug, a sweet smile, the tender look in your eyes).
    many people think that being telepathic only means being able to read minds or send thoughts to another. that is only part of the story. there are many levels to telepathy, which utilizes both your emotions and intellect to send or receive messages. if you understand and agree that our world is nothing but energy formed in different ways, telepathy would seem like a natural way to communicate with others.
    why am i so sure? because i use telepathy all the time. i have begin developing it a few years ago and it has been beneficial. although i am not correct 100% most of the time, 8 out of 10 times i have been successful. it has got to the point that i could even send concepts, images and feelings to other people thru the mind.
    what’s even more interesting is that i found that i could tap into the energy patterns of nature. you must have heard about people talking to their plants and animals. it does work. they ‘hear’ you, but just not like humans hear you. live things hear you through energetic concepts and your feelings.
    so with regards to your question. it is entirely possible to send that message of love to your girlfriend. try this: hold her in your mind and focus on her heart area. imagine a ray of light coming out from your heart area going towards her, connecting your heart to hers. then project your feelings of love to her thru this ray of light.
    whether she receives it or not depends on her sensitivity to things unseen. but on your end, if you do it often enough, you will feel that your love for her will shift into another level.
    hope this helps and hope this pique your interest more on the subject of telepathy.

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