Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to reveal deep, dark secrets under hypnosis?

Is it possible to reveal deep, dark secrets under hypnosis?

I have the opportunity to be hypnotized by a stage hypnotist. From what I’ve read, a person under hypnosis is submissive to the hypnotists’s suggestions but still has his or her morals and safety concerns. It sounds fun!
My concern is, under hypnosis, is one in danger of revealing his or her secrets, or are secrets still safe without the barrier of the conscious mind?


  1. It’s just a game, go up on stage if you’re willing to cooperate with the “hypnotist” and entertain the audience but don’t expect hypnosis to do anything.

  2. The purpose of stage hypnotism is to entertain, so if you want to go along and have fun and enjoy the experience than you should do so.
    Don’t worry, no-one can make you do anything against your will while you are under hypnosis. That’s not to say the hypnotist won’t try to get a laugh out of you by asking you to do something crazy….
    Just relax and enjoy it

  3. You can’t made to reveal secrets, and I’ve not come across any stage hypnotist who goes there.
    If you do want to discuss deep dark secrets then you should consult a hypnotherapist. A stage show is unsuited for such revelations.

  4. in hypnosis you are completely aware and in control, you can accept the suggestions that you want and reject the others and you will not reveal your secrets in hypnosis because you still have control.

  5. Nope. While under hypnosis, you still can say no to doing things. Think of it as getting drunk, you still can say no to things you don’t want to do. Your inhibition to do things will just be weakened a little.


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