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Is it possible to reach a state of "consciousness" and then revert back to your previous state of mind?

Or once you have reached that state of consciousness, is your only option to either remain in that state or to reach a greater state of consciousness?


  1. It’s called schizophrenia and isn’t terribly hard to achieve … it’s usually hereditary but a good knock on the head or a traumatic event can give you this alternate state of consciousness not within your control but an alternate consciousness that allows you to slip back to who you are now every now and again depending on the strength of the new personality which emerges.

  2. Well, I’m using my knowledge of the go to answer your question.
    To reach a new state of consciousness, your ego need to be absent.
    It cann only be absent once you clear your mind of all thought and become one with what is around you.
    You have grown up with your ego, and for it to dissapear completely is scarce, seeing that you are programmed by it.
    The only thing that will make consciousness more constant is being aware of your ego.
    Staying sober helps, as any stimulant effects state.
    So to nswer your question : Yes, it is not only possible, but highly likely.
    Check my source for an awesome bookregarding this.

  3. There are different levels of consciousness:-
    (1) Consciousness (normal awareness);
    (2) Unconsciousness (i.e. when we are sleeping or when we are in coma;
    (3) Sub-consciousness (midway between consciousness and unconsciousness;
    (4) Semi-consciousness (dream state); and
    (5) Super-consciousness (Blissful state).
    What you mean in your question is about super-consciousness state, I think.
    It is possible to reach the state of super-consciousness.
    About reverting back from super-consciousness, I would like to say that after reaching the level of the supreme state of super-consciousness, man becomes totally different. He is an accomplished person. For him there is no change in state. But for the observers, he will look like an ordinary man only.
    The absolute reality is clearly visible to the super-consciousness person because he will have no ego and selfishness. His mind will be pure. But for ordinary persons, his vision will be distorted based on his mental level of egoism, selfishness, etc. with all sorts of blemishes.
    It is very rare to reach that State of Super-consciousness.


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