Is it possible to propel a spacecraft in low earth orbit to the moon using only the sun's energy?

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Imagine a spacecraft is already in low earth orbit. I am wondering if it possible to somehow harness the sun’s energy to propel the craft away from the earth’s gravitational pull. For example, after gathering photo-electric energy, is it feasible to create an electron propellant strong enough to escape the Earth’s G?
Or will conventional fuels be the only practical way?

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Lord of The Flies Pt.2

I think the ratio of the battery weight/ their output makes solar battery flight impractical. But the solar wind sail works, but you’d have to deploy outside the earth’s grav field.


It’s been done. Two remote probes, Smart 1 and Dawn, have used low-thrust ion rockets for gradually spiraling out of low Earth orbit to their mission goals. Smart 1 cruised outward to the Moon and spiraled into lunar orbit. Dawn is en route now to asteroid Vesta. Both craft have been powered by solar panels.


perhaps a photo electric grid that throws ions out and rearward,thrusting the craft ahead
ots called ion propulsion,the grid would have to be many miles in surface area


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