is it possible to practise yoga in your home individually?

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or do you really need to join a class?

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jed slade

People have been doing so for years grasshopper.

Kayleigh B

Of course it’s possible… Buy yourself a yoga book if u need help and guidance but otherwise, yeah! Go for it!


Get a DVD on Yoga


I suppose in a class, the instructor could correct your positions, and show you ways of making accommodations in positions you were having trouble with … but I have several yoga DVDs that I use on my own at home, and I think I’m doing OK and getting a lot out of it.
Check some different yoga DVDs out of the library and give them a try and see how you like it. Later, if you feel you need help, you can check out some yoga classes. Often they are offered by the YMCA, adult education courses, even occasionally at public libraries. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll see lots of yoga classes available. If you go to one class and aren’t comfortable with it, check out another.


Of course you can do it at home. Just don’t get yourself into a knot and have no one to untie you.


I have a really good dvd – yoga for beginners with Patricia Walden. I only started it about a month ago and really love it, much cheaper than classes and you need to do yoga quite often anyway to get the benefits so it’s defo a good investment. Highly recommend the dvd, about a 5er from amazon. 🙂


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