• well auras are the most basic of basic, to see a aura once awakened simply look 6 inches above said person and concintrate. soon you will see a shimmer eventually colors will be seen as well. also if you learn to astral project auras are clear in a phrame of view.

  • Kind of through meditation, more with visualisation and concentration, although practising in meditation will enable you do to it easier

  • Yes dear,

    There are so many ways by which you develop your Inner Powers and Abilities – Tap, Jap, Ashtang Yog, Tantra Marg, Bhakti Marg, Gyan Marg, Nishkam Karm Marg, etc. As one’s Kundalini Shakti awakes & gets up, one gets all these powers gradually.

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    Girish Joshi

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  • Yes it is possible and there are many various ways you can see auras. In my spiritual class, there are about 5 of us and each of us pick up on different colors and patterns with in a person’s aura because everyone sees auras in their own unique way. For example…

    Mostly everyone in the group uses intuitive knowing to receive instant knowledge of a person’s aura. This means they “know” the colors in a persons aura through their third eye, not seeing actual colors in reality but seeing colors in your minds eye.

    Other times I can feel the pattern in the person’s aura, like sometimes I get a very smooth texture, or a very heavy shield around the person, and so on. The aura isn’t only made up of colors but energy from the person on all levels of existence (mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional). When you pick up on the person’s energy from their aura you can then further develop this by getting messages, like any sense of emotional stress the person has or maybe physical pains, or maybe you feel that the person is lost in their life, maybe the person is very happy/passionate about something and so on.

    With further practice and development you can not only receive messages, but you can make out pictures and images related to the person, and to go one step further you can eventually see the person’s past lives. My spiritual instructors have been encouraging us to see into each others past lives when looking at the aura.

    The main point is believing is seeing. Trust in your abilities for everything you see and feel is not wrong. There is no wrong or right, only what comes to you.

    Best wishes on your long awaited journey! 🙂

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