Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to mix beliefs of multiple religions?

Is it possible to mix beliefs of multiple religions?

I am agnostic, a once Shaman. You figure you’d hear that more often. I am considering going back to Shamanism, but attaching some Buddhist beliefs too. Would the two systems combined be an unorganized mess, or are they possible to mix together? It is said religions are the same, but through different mediums.


  1. Yes, look at the Catholic church! They assimilated pantheism. Many, if not most, of their ‘saints’ were originally local gods or demi gods.

  2. Well to each their own. My friend does that so I don’t see why you can’t. Just expect a lot of strange looks and a bunch of questioning to be done after you say what you believe in.

  3. All religon teachSOME common things, but all religons r not same. Yes u can mix them but it depends upon the variance between the two

  4. You can mix anything you want. Whether you get anywhere when you mix-and-match is a different matter. So if you want to get a direction in life it is better to try and find out which road you want to take, rather then go every road half a mile and return to the same crossing over and over again.
    Of course the trick lies in finding the right path for yourself!


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