Home Discussion Forum is it possible to master telekinesis? or telepathy?

is it possible to master telekinesis? or telepathy?

maybe we just haven’t mastered it yet, like light speed. its possible, but we don’t know how.


  1. There are various reports either from history or even modern day on television programs of people using telekinesis or telepathic skills.
    But to be honest, scientifically there is limited proof of these skills being true.
    But im sure a quick search on google might come up with a few websites with information on it.
    Good Luck!

  2. I think we both know the answer to this question. Of course it is impossible. Anyone who tells you different is crazy. If there was a way to do it, we would have already figured out. The problem is–there isn’t–.

  3. Para psychological phenomena are really an interesting study. I don’t yet know the answer. I had a classmate who was convinced… I remain skeptical. Although I have seen demonstrations of supposed telekinesis, I suspect they may have been rigged to impress.
    I hope you get some concrete answers either way,I’ll be anxious to see what others think.

  4. Everyone inantely has that ability, it’s whether you learn to use it . It’s also known as remote viewing and governments have used remote viewers to look at other places, other events. Try searching remote viewing on google or yahoo.

  5. Evolution is the only way to increase the powers that be, that reside within all of us.
    Ascension, the process thereof, will remove the road blocks of higher skills.
    There is no other way currently to increase it…although meditation may be able to do some help…it’s not permanent.
    This power that is higher…. Vibrationally higher.
    DNA contains the information to give access to these higher powers.


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