Is it possible to make love thru psychic powers?

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See, I was just thinking about some girl and had an orgasm. Or was it just masturbation. PLZ help?
See it did work. Jenni came to me! Hi sweetie, did you feel that?
Holly- you are cool! I like your answer! Shall I try it on you next?

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That’s called a wet dream. Welcome to manhood hun!


its called jizzin’ yaself bro.

Skin Crawling

well to make love you need to have more than one person…so no

jen <3's random Qs

You were thinking of me again eh?
Yeah it’s either that or I’m feeling the Gas.


idk thats like asking if its possible to make love through a brick wall


Oh crap…I think you just got me pregnant!….LOL

ruby jane

Only in your dreams.
Can’t you get it together in reality???

Terminus N

Don’t think there’s anything psychic going on here. Your body is all linked to your brain, which drives every muscle impulse you experience, orgasm included. Though it may seem like a very physical process, the most of it is mental. In fact, you can train yourself to orgasm without any physical contact. Because your mind is ultimately what will spur on the orgasm, thinking of things that excite you will definitely accelerate things. Depending on how much something turns you on, orgasm can seem almost immediate, especially if you’re masturbating at the same time.

maggie w

First of all U R A PERV! Secondly Try Tantric Yoga. If you can manage to develop the control over your desires that it requires then you can have spiritual sex. However I do not think you have the sort of physical or mental control that it takes. Peace&Love be with you…~M~


Were you touching yourself as you were thinking of this girl? If so, that would be called masturbation. And if not, then… huh…. that is kinda cool. I wish i could just sit there and think and have orgasms without any work at all… Maybe you should consider yourself lucky… you should use your psychic powers all day long at weird times, like, when you are in an elevator and things. Wouldn’t that be fun?

no dirt (Jay Argentina = future)

actually to be serious i remember Real Sex (when i was the lonely teenager watched it bit to often) covered this topic and guess there is such a thing in females… never touched on if it applied across the gender lines though. and it was more of in one room a girl was getting off in other room was group sleeping. the group sleeping basicly had wet dreams at the same time.

jay k

Oh wow, maybe you and Jenni should just get a room…. oh wait, I guess you don’t need one

Póg mo thóin!

You got my attention.
Let me know what you find out, I am married so this is pretty much my last hope for any kind of consistent sex in my life. Is it possible to cross your fingers so hard they actually break?


only with those who allow there auras to roam


Wicked dude….I’m jealous (;

peter h

No way

Amy B

Of course – but would you please stop pulling my hair?!


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