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Is it possible to loose consciousness due to a fall on the ice?

The person in question was at an ice rink, just skating around, and she fell, and was rendered unconscious. She was not playing hockey. Could this happen? If so, how long would she be unconscious for? Would there be blood?
(Question comes from a debate in a Health Science class)


  1. that all depends
    she could be unconscious for a 1sec to days
    their would be blood it she cut her self
    yes this Could this happen

  2. i am not a doctor,
    just what i have heard…
    every time i accidentally dropped my baby brother and he hit his head my mom would take him to the emergency room.
    one time my girl bumped her head and had a little cut that was bleeding a lot and got stitches, anyway,
    i think i heard i don’t know, that it may be safer to bleed some cause it is safer then not, because blood clots can form inside and that is where the danger would be.
    if she hit her head you should take her to the doctor, she can get unconscious not even right away, my mom always said, you don’t let somebody who hit their head go to sleep right away.
    anyway, i fell down stairs and didn’t feel the pain in my body until 3 days later, so same with the head, do not think that everything is ok.

  3. Yes, one can be “knocked-out” after falling on the ice. It happened to me when I was a kid. I was “skating” around on some ice, lost control, fell down and hit my head. Hit my face, actually. I was “out” for almost a minute (to this day I still don’t remember anything between falling and waking up). I bruised up pretty bad, I had hit the side of my face. I was swollen and black and blue for days…. which of course leads into the yellow, then the green skin colors as one is healing. It took a couple of weeks for me to fully recover from that accident. In those days, back in the 70’s, parents just didn’t run their kids to the hospital to get “checked-out” so I had to heal at home and pray that nothing was broken. I would also say that, yes, there was blood but internally because that’s what caused the bruising. I didn’t have any cuts/gashes from that fall.


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