Is it possible to levitate by using chi energy or any source of energy..?

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I need to if levitation is possible , and Judomofo, i’ve been trying to contact you for a month but you don’t seem to reply back..

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Complete Wannabe

definitely. just close your eyes, and think really really hard about it while driving


Judomofo has no clue, don’t try to contact him.
You can’t levitate. Not possible unless you’re Jesus. Sorry.

Devon B



I have seen a few that could do this to my dis-belief.These few are/were masters of some ancient Martial Art that only a hand-full are still alive.I would say that Criss Angel has also harnessed this energy.His brother said Criss left for many years,and when he returned he was gifted.This art is some type of Ninjitsu/ancient dark system that the evil Monks devised for profit they say.This was developed in China,and India by the very Monks Buddha taught.Around 1500 B.C.,and some believe their are still a few trying too revive this system.My Master,Master Trias would tell us of such a place.As young Black Belts we were amazed too see with our own eyes some of these tricks of magic.


Chi isint an energy that flows through your body. Its THE enegry in your body. Everything from blood to muscles to the electricity. The chinese were influinced by confusianism that had the idea that your ancestors gave your your body and you should give it back inblemished.
So to the chinese, cuting open a body was profoundly taboo. They had no idea what was happening in there. They summed it up. Chi.
Some people try to sell this magic called “Chi”. If you read ancient chinese literature its easy to see that that is a load of SH to the chinese.


No, of course not. Don’t be an idiot. If you believe in any of the chi nonsense, google “Randi Prize” and ask yourself why none of these self-proclaimed chi masters were able to claim the million dollar prize!




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