Is it possible to learn the Gentle Fist style of fighting?





The one that Neji uses. Also where can I find a picture of the chakra points that are involved?


  1. Gentle Fist fight style is trying to hit sensitive organs.
    It is real, AND DANGEROUS! (also cool)
    Its’s a special Tai-jutsu technique.
    (Tai-jutsu is fighting without weapons, Gen-jutsu are tricks as illusions and Nin-jutsu is fighting with weapons.)
    I also want to learn it. I like it! =)

  2. Actually there is a martial art that focussed on attacking through the pressure points. It work the same as accupuncture but then without needles but with often two fingers. The sport is called Dim Mak. I hope this helps a little. And I hope you meant this.

  3. this is awesome cause I’m watching Naruto while I’m answering questions. i think it would be awesome and unbeatable if you could learn gentle fist.

  4. Hrm… There’s no such thing as Juken (Gentle Fist), as far as I know. But his style references Taoist philosophy (trigrams), as does Ba Gua. It’s likely then that the idea behind the “Gentle Fist” would be Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Trigrams Palm… Sound familiar?).
    Anyhow, it looks like Chakra points are meant to be pressure points. Look up “kyusho” for Japanese diagrams of pressure points. There’s no “chakra” system, per Naruto, so that’d be the closest substitute. As far as I can tell, this is likely the source of where Neji’s martial art comes from, and the rest is imagination.

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