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Is it possible to kill some body with black magic ? How , where is true magician ?

Is black magic is truth , where i can find true magican .I dont want to kill any body. but i want to know …. truth


  1. It’s true that you can kill someone with black magic. But, it’s rare for that to happen.I think that black magic is sort of forgotten.Also, a “true magician” can be anywhere, or anyone. Hope that helped.

  2. I am a magician. Your deeds have long been noted, associate. It is time to join your brethren. At midnight, join us on the tallest hill of your town. Yvette will be waiting to initiate you with a magical blowjob.

  3. No, it is not possible to kill anyone with black magic.
    It is possible to give someone a heart attack, if they have a weak heart, by worrying them that a spell has been put on them, which is why it is important to steer clear of it. It destroys your own soul to wish evil on others.
    So there is no “true magician” because a magician is really someone who deceives you into thinking that something is real that is not real.
    There is a story about a witch doctor who was hired by a big company to find a thief that was helping himself to the company materials. The witch doctor lined all the workers up and told them that next morning he would present the culprit to the boss. Then he gave each worker a stick and said that the thief’s piece of stick would be too inches longer than the others by next day.
    In the morning the workers were assembled again, and the witch doctor went down the line one by one looking at the sticks. When he came to the thief, he put his hand on his shoulder and said, “This is the man who has been stealing.”
    “How did you know?” asked the thief.
    “Because you sawed off part of the stick. Your stick was two inches shorter than all the others,” replied the witch doctor.
    And that’s what it’s all about: magic = trickery.

  4. Why don’t you try reading the book “Death and Destruction.” It’s all about spells for harm and killing. I can tell you from my own experience that I’ve not personally met anyone who succeeded in killing another person with magic, though I do know some who’ve managed to produce harm or other injuries. I have heard old stories about people who killed with magic, generally by making someone sick.

  5. hello sir . my problem is . my uncle is trying to kill my family . befor he kill my family . i want to kill him by black magic .

  6. Is it possible to make someone’s life intolerable with black magic? My mom thinks I am a victim of black magic that I made a lot of mistakes in my life which are completely against my nature..


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