Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to have visions about your subconscious thoughts?

Is it possible to have visions about your subconscious thoughts?

I recently encountered this strange situation. I was watchin TV then suddenly i had a scene in my mind….it was like a thought poppin outta nowhere in my mind….and it was nothing related wat i was watching on the tv or i’ve never had any thought like this one before! It felt pretty real…lik i was there witnessing this happen….It’s weird…But any idea wat this is?? Hav you ever had any experience lik this? Pls help!..Thank you! =)
PLease somebody read this fast and gimme an xplanantion if u have any! This is really makin me restless!! Thank you!


  1. Sorry, the human brain and it’s capabilities are not yet fully understood. But, you may have just been having a flashback from a thought or dream, something on the tele triggered a response that reminded you of something else. No big deal. Happens to everyone all of the time.

  2. The unconscious ‘seeps’ through in various ways. Dreams, of course, are the royal road to the unconscious.
    The man who discovered the benzene molecule..had been wrestling with it for quite some time and was deadlocked. He went on a train ride (England, I think) and was just kinda drifting and enjoying the rythym of the ride – when, out popped an image of the molecule and a major stride in chemistry was made.
    We all should turn off out tv’s, our cell phones and, God forbid, the computer and drift…at least a few times a week and the unconscious would have loads of ‘gifts’ and insights and wisdoms to give us. But, we don’t and won’t.
    I do my best ‘insighting’ btw : on the golf course. Strolling, hitting the little white ball and just putting gears in neutral…all kinds of wonderful thoughts come and hook up. That should be what we westerners seek, as we meditate. But, we’ve been brain washed to try to meditate like easteners. So, that probably isn’t going to happen either.
    Good question. Honor your dreams and your unconscious and she will honor you.


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