Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to have an energy based consciousness/awareness?

Is it possible to have an energy based consciousness/awareness?

Since multiverse with different possibilities can exist can life be in a form of energy or as a force or even a space-time
now that i think of it.. i think human consciousness are based on the combination of matter, energy,force, and space-time.


  1. I think it is very possible that awareness or consciousness may well be one of the common attributes of any matter or energy….. and even inanimate objects may be having a dormant kind of awareness, so inactive that we are not able to see or feel it and therefore mistake it as though it is absent……. is it not possible that the common attribute of resistance may well be an aspect of awareness?

  2. II agree with your additional details. I believe thought, consciousness, awareness is all physics.
    I also agree with Small. I think every object may have some form of awareness because we’re all composed of atoms and chemicals. That’s why I talk to my car. Runs better that way.
    The religious zealots will disagree with you of course. We need religion for crowd control. On the other hand, our bodies are so perfectly constructed and the symbiosis in nature is amazing. There may be a great physicist in that other dimension that created us.
    Nobody will know until we die and I’m not going to listen to brainwashed Bible thumpers try to tell me what they perceive as the truth.
    Great question


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