Home Discussion Forum is it possible to have actions after losing consciousness?

is it possible to have actions after losing consciousness?

is it possible to have reflexive action or something like that even after a person loses consciousness


  1. Not reflexive as in reacting to something but you can have an involuntary spasm or twitch.
    Remember you’re unconscious but your body is still alive and operating, same goes for sleeping.
    After you’re killed your body can still move, if a forearm/hand is severed from your body you may see fingers move however you couldn’t control that hand anymore obviously since your core muscular and nervous system aren’t attached to it.

  2. Okay, this is going to sound weird, but… I would imagine so only because if you were to ever decapitate a creature (chicken, cockroach, etc) the body continues to move. You may not have a physical consciousness, but your body still has electrical impulses that keep it moving.
    So, the vote from the MoonKitty is YES!

  3. ofcourse.. did you hear about instincts ? furthermore… when baby is developing in mother`s stomach.. what is life ? if the fetus reacting to developing his/her own internal organs, or reacting with instincts…

  4. Even though you are unconscious, your reflexes will remain intact. The presence of reflexes are a test for brain damage. There are many levels of consciousness and reflexes are only lost in the lowest form of it, such as brain death and severe coma. It is possible to be in a coma ( a semi-conscious state) and still have intact refelxes! Interesting no?!?


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